five outstanding books
c-print and cut
size 5 x 24 x 64 cm
each 7 pages















Standing on top of a 42 meter high dune, latitude 51 degrees 42 minutes north, and longitude 3 degrees and 42 minutes east, I could see the sky touch the sea over an arc of 120 degrees. By dividing this into four equal sections I got five bearings: 255, 285, 315, 345 and 15 degrees. These bearings reach out over the North Sea and touch land on the other side at five unknown and unseen points on the British and Norwegian coast.:
1 Hope Point nearby St Margarets Bay, England
2 Shingle Street nearby Orford Ness, England
3 Hornsea, England
4 Breiwick Beach on the Island Whalsay, Scotland
5 At the coast of the Island Ullerøya, Norway