s i g n s o f c h a n g e
part of the project “The Future Has Many Histories”




Bewaerschole, Weststraat 18, Burgh-Haamstede. 25 August t/m 19 September 2021.
The exhibition is based on the development of young sickle dunes on the wide beach of Schouwen-Duiveland. With the help of film projections, I followed the changes while drawing. The duration and sequence of the filmed sickle dunes determined the final shape of these works. In addition to these registrations, drawings and photographs of snapshots of different sickle dunes were also shown individually. As part of the project "The Future Has Many Histories", I also made an outdoor sculpture. This sculpture has the same title as my exhibition in the Bewaerschole, but here the words drawing and changing are not used as verbs but as nouns. As an introduction to this outdoor sculpture, I invited the visitors to embroider together on a sickle dune pattern in the garden of the Bewaerschole.





floor drawing





gallery of honour





Embroider together







choreography of the sickle dune







black board drawing






360 degree documentation with various film excerpts






During the finissage the exhibition was closed by  Reynoud Homan.






s i g n o f c h a n g e

design 1/5 outdoor sculpture corten steel
cut from one plate of 300 x 150 x 2,5 cm