In collection of:

Dutch Kunststichting, Amsterdam
Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunsten, The Hague
Province of Zeeland, Middelburg
Municipality of Middelburg
Zeeuws museum, Middelburg
Stichting Kunstuitleen Zeeland, Middelburg
Kunstuitleen, Breda
De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam
Municipality of Vlissingen
Meermanno-Westreenianum, museum van het book, The Hague
Rabo-bank, Vlissingen
Municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland
Ludwig Museum, Kunst- und Museumsbibliothek, Köln Germany
Szent István Király Múzeum, Hungary
Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, GB
The New York Public Library USA
Collection Jack Ginsberg, S-Africa
University of Dundee, Scotland
Royal Library, The Hague
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Stichting Revant, Goes

Supported by:

The Province of Zeeland, for making expositions
The ministry of WVC,grants for traveling and working
Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, basis grants
Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, incentive grant
Mondriaan Fonds

Stichting Gerbrandy Cultuurfonds
Scholings Fonds for Art and Culture
the Stokroos Foundation