nuances de Natouze

a project in and around the castle of Ozenay, France
part of the exposition
Vivre Le Lieu,
12 July - 18 August 2014
organization L'Association Art Patrimoine Ozenay


Last summer in 2013, invited by L'Association Art Patrimoine Ozenay, I made the first explorations in the area of Ozenay.
The area is hilly with meadows and vineyards, surrounded by beautiful hedges and a small stream flows through.
The Natouze, initially invisible but soon it becomes for me an important element in the landscape around Ozenay.
Often standing on both sides hedges or trees along the stream so it remains invisible but therefore traceable in the landscape. Closer to the river you discover the ever flowing water with its many colors. Traditionally, the stream is a source of income and utility. He was / is used for irrigation, drainage, to levy tolls when crossing and by using water mills the stream made different kind of machines working.
I walked along the stream, from the source to where it flows into the Saône, made pictures and video and film recordings. I spoke with the Syndicate de la Natouze and visited several mills. In the rectory there wil be a work about the color nuances de Natouze and in the garden of the castle I wil make the current of the natouze in nylon .




the current of the Natouze









the color of the Natouze








click here for an impression of the work inside

click her for an impression for the work outside

and here more information about the book La diversité de la Natouze