Along the fold with a folding bike

From 2 July till 27 July 2015 six artists traveled to the North of Ireland to travel along a fold in the map of Europe from the North to the South of Ireland. Nadine in Brussels and Foam lab have composed the expedition team for the trip. During the trip characteristics, possibilities - impossibilities and trip orientations are investigated. The trip ended on the south coast of Ireland where the fold goes further over sea.


see the book surface of the road

face book





‘1st Wandering Arts Book’ is designed by Überknackig and presents contributions by Noëlle Bastin & Bastien Bogaerts Pacôme Beru Bxl Wildlife David De Tscharner Bruno De Wachter Sebastian Dingens Florence Doléac Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou Lenka Dolanova Theun KarelseNicolas Matzner Weisner Léa Mayernadine September Tiberghien Maud Salembier Marinus Van Dijke Jeroen Van Westen




Every 15 kilometers I took a soil sample. Because of this emerged a notch which was a continuation of the fold. The material was placed in small plastic jars and subsequently unpacked at home, photographed and placed in large plastic containers.











All 15 kilometer points and its surroundings are filmed and photographed.