marinus van dijke visual artist

Hogezoom 11, 4328 EE, Burgh-Haamstede,
The Netherlands
T: 0031111651733,



In 1952 I was born in Haamstede, right under the lighthouse as the son of the lighthouse keeper. That is
where I spent my childhood and the dunes were my playground.
For my final exam at the Art academy in 1975 I did a project about the influence of the wind. I stretched a piece of canvas
between six poles of four meters long pine logs and observed the continuous changing shapes. This installation was placed on
the beach of Haamstede. In the same year I obtained a studio in Burgh, a village next to Haamstede. It was an old schoolbuilding,
where I lived and worked until 1982, except one year working in Italy and six months in the United States. For these
working periods I got a scholarship of the government. During this period in my life I reached my personal subject: 'The
Dynamics of the landscape and myself as a person in the middle of it'.

In 1982 I moved to Middelburg but after three years I returned to Haamstede where I still work. Over the years I have
deepened my interest in the forever changing landscape and my relationship with it, I have used more and more factual
information about the landscape and my concrete presence within.