d e B r a a k m a n e n z i j n b r o e d e r e n z u s t e r p o l d e r s

format 29 x 16,5 cm. unfolded 106 x 16,5 cm.
20 page's

A report on the project Geboortegrond (2022) where I focused on the dykes and polders around the Braakman in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.
How in the course of the last thousand years the polders were diked and how together they give the final shape to the Braakman polder. On the front page, a detail of the rug, with the basic pattern of the dikes around the Braakman drawn on it. During the exhibition, visitors and residents added several embroidered stories to this. Inside, various maps of the dike patterns on which a number of residents expressed their relationship or experience with the area. Sometimes very briefly others very extensively. At the back, another A4 has been added with two reactions. Inside, a photo of the dike pattern has been cut out of wood and the colours refer to the age of the polder. blue= old red= middle green = new yellow =braakmanpolder. There are also images of 16 working maps on the history, use and construction of the area. An aerial photograph of the area is printed on the inside back cover.