De schoonheid van nu is geen garantie voor de toekomst
Today's beauty is no guarantee for the future

Every Week during the exhibition different people will remove the plastic from one bag of sand. That gives us the opportunity to look to the past, now and in the future. They also give a reaction to the title of the work. These are collected in a book, together with photographs of the various stages. To order from


Saterday 27 June 2020

The beauty is no guarantee, which is a pity. If things are beautiful, you would love to keep it and add attention and care to them so that they always stay beautiful. Unfortunately that can't always be possible. It might also be very nice to see how it changes and maybe we get a lot more beauty back than we initially expected. So this is an exciting title for me where I'm very curious how it's going to develop.

Arthur Broek,







Fryday 3 July 2020

If you say beauty of now is no guarantee for the future then I would like to say that nothing is a guarantee. Not even in the present, but not in the future. All elements play a role. I take off a fixed environmentand something else is emerging. Of course, that in itself also has its own beauty. It's a new creation. So you could actually see any change as new beauty.

Caren Simon








Fryday 10July 2020

The title intrigued me because for me the future and the beauty of today is a struggle. Accepting the future and getting older is a difficult subject for me. That's why I was intrigued by this work of art. And now when I look at it I see a nice smooth heap of sand and a few craqueles and still a very nice heap of sand, two bulges, almost a lying woman's body if you would like. If you have a dirty mind. But when I look at the previous one you can see what it will be and that is my struggle. And it's not over yet, I hope.

Marjan Jansen Manenschijn







Thursday 16 July 2020

The association with the title is : See the beauty and everything and in eternity. All the time.

Marie – Elise Hamers





Thursday, 23 July 2020

Evelien: I don't like this, I find it boring. You can also do this with a bucket of sand. But because these are plastic bags, it's a different form. Because of the rain, all dots can come up.
Tim: I like it. Because it's smooth now and then you come back later, it's very different. The wind blowsthe sand away and then it looks different. That's exciting.

Evelien en Tim van Dijke






Zaterdag 1 augustus 2020

I'd like to respond to the title, because it's very special to see that you think that a number of identical looking heaps of sand encased in plastic are all the same. And when I already see what happened to the previous revelations, it's very nice to see how different it turns out and how it becomes slightly different due to the influences of the weather and the temperature. It is not predictable. You think it's all the same, but something completely different comes out of it. It is the same in life. You often think that things are predictable and that's not. It's precisely the influences from outside that can often have nice effects. And I actually see that here too. And I'm very curious to see what will come of my revelation. I would like to come back to see this for myself.

Tea Both- Verhoeven







Thursday 6 August 2020

The beauty of today is no guarantee for the future that is actually a wonderful true spell and stands like a pole above water. Similarly, the beauty of a landscape is constantly changing. Even if we want to preserve this beauty, we certainly can't. Many examples are therefore in the offing. Like the flood disaster, entire landscapes were destroyed, thousands of bags were filled with sand that are now hidden in the dike. But no matter how you get used to it, beauty is not an enduring thing. This sand, formed by plastic and water, will also quickly turn into loose sand when evaporated. My motto continues to look and enjoy the beauty of today.

Krijn Tanis





Thursday 13 August 2020

It is a treatise on 'the beauty of today'. But I also see it in combination with this work of art. What strikes me is that it is very much about time. The changes in time. That what you find beautiful now can be ugly later on or vice versa. That is my association with this visual work. Such a strange little bag, an inverted plastic bag, what do you think about that? But the combination with what you subtract and what is still there, is also very beautiful. And the strange thing is that you can say in five years' time. "What is that worthless" or "what a fantastic work of art". Time also always makes your insights change. Also with this work of Marinus, because I know that he is also so busy with the dune pan. There time is also an incomprehensible fact. It's all in there, in the art he makes with it, and I find that again here. And indeed the rhythm of the twelve weeks. He stops time in those plastic bags, by pulling the plastic off time starts running.

Jaap Verseput






Saturday 22 August 2020

The beauty of today is no guarantee for the future, that raises a lot of questions for me. What is beauty at all? We should want to have a guarantee for the future? So in my action just now I suddenly realised that I have no control at all over a lot of things like what beauty is and that I cannot provide a guarantee. I like the fact that we are a part of all the elements that are there.  
Ira von Harras





27 August 2020

The beauty of today is no guarantee for the future. That's a very melancholic title for me. It has to do with farewell, with inevitable processes. I also have to think about getting older, things which change without you being able to control them with your will. But when I look not only at the title but also at the image, it evokes something completely different. Because precisely because of the changes it becomes more and more interesting and is more about the future, about what is going to happen than that it is a kind of looking back on a past.

teja van hoften







Fryday 4 September 2020

I was given various associations with that title and the work in its various stages, some of which have already been mentioned for me by previous 'unveilers'. Let me add a new association.
All the bags started their change from the same starting point: new and unharmed. With the beauty of the virgin, being unspoiled. Just like every human being who is born new. After the revelation, just like after the birth of man, the development of each bag, like every human being, begins in its own unique form and beauty.
But in the long run, nothing remains but the final decay and all sacks get the same shape again. They flatten into flat sand and become equal, just as every human being, after a period of decay, becomes equal again in death. In which all phases, through which sand or human beings pass, know their own beauty.

Jack van der Hoek





Vrijdag 11 september 2020

I think it is a somewhat suggestive title. Beauty is a catch-all term and you can understand a lot of things by it. If you let it loose on nature then I can go along with the title a long way, because man is busy destroying nature after all. But if you talk about a different kind of beauty, for example music and painting and sculpture, then that does not apply because we are all still enjoying Mozart, Vivaldi of beautiful madrigals from the Middle Ages, Rembrandt, Rodin. So this does not work, because these are all things that were made hundreds of years ago and that beauty is still there. I also think that beauty will always remain, that is not going to change. Man will always continue to create and you can always enjoy the beauty of a child laughing, waves rolling on a beach, birds in the air. I think this will still be the case in hundreds of years' time. I myself am quite optimistic.

Stasja Goedbloed